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Working Hard For Well-Rounded Development

At Master Biesik's Martial Arts, our goal is to help you find success in all aspects of life. We're using action-packed martial arts classes as a tool for development in the lives of students all across our community. Whether you're completely new to the martial arts or you're looking for a way to take your training to the next level, we have the answer for you here.

Our training includes hands-on instruction for kids of all backgrounds in addition to a comprehensive adult program that combines fitness, self-defense, and mental discipline. We're proud to maintain a safe, supportive environment where people of all backgrounds can thrive.

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My 8 year old son and 5 year old nephew take at Master Biesik's School and absolutely love it. They both only started this past February but I can already see how fast their learning. The classes are set up perfect and Master Biesik and his assistants are wonderful and make it easy for the children to learn. My son is even trying to recruit friends to join. Very happy with this school selection. Recommend to anyone looking for a place to learn Martial Arts!

Tiffany Foster

My children are current students and we could not be happier with how much they have learned training with Master Biesek! Along with excellent discipline and focus they are having so much fun in class, making friends and earning belts. Master Biesek also has summer camps, school break camps, parties, family outings, movie nights and many more opportunities that truly makes you feel like you're part of a big family!! I highly recommend this school for children and adults, you will not regret it!!

Jill Clemen

I have known Master Biesik for more than 15 years. He has become one of my most respected Martial Artist's by proving his true heart and spirit through trials and tribulations. He is dedicated both personally and professionally to those who yield themselves to his Do Jang. In all of our very open and personal conversations over these many years, I have never heard a word or phrase from him that wasn't about something getting better! Whether about training , his school, or his ever increasing family! He is always in for what he believes is best for EVERYONE involved.

R.T. Berry

Master Biesik provides a very professional, knowledgeable program by which students of all ages can learn and improve regardless of whether they are a beginner or advanced martial artist. All can benefit from his skill and style. He is an excellent teacher.

Bart Buttitta

I'm a current student of Master Biesik. He is a great instructor that wants nothing more than to see each and every student to succeed. If you're struggling with a technique, he takes the time to help you understand it. I highly recommend him for you or your child.

Stephanie Evans

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